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The Sword of Truth, Boxed Set I: Wizard's First Rule, Blood of the Fold, Stone of Tears
Terry Goodkind

Be Ready!


Be ready, be prepared for TVB book 2. The new Vampire Queen will strike at the very heart of The Resistance. Readers beware....



The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset - Suzanne  Collins

I recently read all three books of The Hunger Games.

I enjoyed it but not as much as I was hoping I would. It kept me interested but truthfully I was disappointed with the end. It seemed like in the end Katniss just gave up and gave Peta what he always wanted, but never considered what SHE wanted, which the writer never gets into.

I wish she had delved more deeply into her character. :-(


The Velvet Book: In the Beginning - Jacquelyn Verze-Reeher

I was told about this book by someone on the Tube the other day. I saw him reading like a mad man. He told me all about it and that he wished he could meet the author to tell her that she had kept him up all night reading and now he was off to work without any sleep. I laughed of course then shrugged it off. Then a few hours later I found myself on Amazon buying it. I read it and OMG! The guy on the Tube was right! I was floored by the plot. The author kept me guessing every step of the way which (for someone like myself who usually figures out the end of mystery books within the first chapter) is a hard thing to do. I’m looking forward to the rest of this series so much!

I was thrilled by the new type of main character Amy Collins. She is very different from your average hero and I’m on the edge of my seat for book 2.

Bravo Jacquelyn Verze-Reeher! :-)